Peebles High Street: a photographic history

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This photo-book was produced as part of the project, Peebles High Street: 1000 years of history. It documents the living history of Peebles High Street since the advent of photography. Copies can be obtained from Whitie's Bookshop, Pennel's Close, 3 High Street, Peebles. A film is is also available on DVD where some of the town's older residents reminisce about Peebles High Street in the past.

The Bridges of Peebles: a heritage trail

There are a surprising number of bridges in Peebles and this booklet provides the ideal guide for their exploration. It is available from Whitie's Bookshop (see above), Robb's Key Store, 11 Eastgate, Peebles, Peebles Post Office, 14 Eastgate, Peebles and the Tweeddale Museum, Chambers Institution, High Street, Peebles.

Peebles Town Walk Guide

The Peebles Town Walk was originally designed as part of Peebles Civic Society's contribution to European Architectural Heritage Year. The full walk will take rather longer than 2 hours to complete but a shorter walk is also described. The guide is available from Whitie's Bookshop, Robb's Key Store, Peebles Post Office, and the Tweeddale Museum (see above for locations).