Planning Application Responses

June 2019

19/00550/FUL 12 Biggiesknow.  Replacement windows. No objection.

19/00644/FUL The Stables. Frankscroft.  Replacement Patio Doors. No Objection.

19/00660/FUL 29 1 Eastgate. Peebles  Extension of dwellinghouse to form replacement conservatory. No objection.

19/00654/FUL Laurel Bank 8 Crossland Crescent.  Alterations to dwellinghouse and erection of a boundary fence. No objection

19/00719/FUL 9 Edderston Road. Extension of dwelinghouse and erection of boundary fence.
No objection.

19/00827/FUL 1 Northgate Vennel. Erection of decking and associated works. I have looked at the house and works proposed and recommend. No objection.

19/00837/FUL St Marnocks, Frankscroft. Replacement windows and installation of 3 number additional roof lights. No objection.

19/00845/FUL Cairnwood, Innerleithen Road.  Alterations and extension of dwellinghouse. No objection.

19/00852/LBC Reiverslaw Lodge.  Bonnington Road. Internal and external alterations. No objection.

May 2019

18/00557/FUL  Braeholm  Tweed Green. Replacement windows.
No objection.

18/00561/FUL   5 Tweed Avenue. Erection of 2 garden sheds and installation of chimney flue.
No objection.

18/00598/FUL Franksrcoft grange villa. Erection of replacement detached garage and formation of new access.
No objection.
The garage door elevation shows masonry piers to the garage door sides and we have drawn this to the attention of the planning officer.

April 2019

18/00406/LBC  Mr Allister Jamieson Peebles Old Parish Church, High Street. Erection of a notice board.
No objection.

18/00420/FULMr and Mrs Stuart Brown. Cintra Cottage 16 March Street. Alterations and single storey extension and erection of timber summerhouse.
No objection.

18/00421/FUL  Mr Frazer Swalwell. Glenmoy 12 March Street.
Alterations and single storey extension to dwellinghouse and erection of garage with ancillary accommodation on first floor.    To await for seeing what correspondence there is concerning the two storey garage nearer the time for response.  GB has checked the recent correspondence on May 2 and has responded thus:
No objection but we fully support the requirement made by the Dovecot Lade Owners Association.

18/00430/FUL and 18/00431/LBC   Mr Chris Cassidy. Crown Hotel 54 High Street.
External alterations.  No objection

18/00306/PPP  Mr Alan Bone. Land adjacent to kingswood Lodge, Bonnington Road.
Erection of dwellinghouse - renewal of planning permission 13/00317/PPP.  No objection.

March 2019

18/00250/FUL Mr and Mrs Large. 3 Hydro Gardens Innerleithen Road. Erection of a conservatory.
No objection.

18/00290/FUL Alan MacBeth. 78 Old town. Alterations to dwellinghouse and formation of new access and parking area.
No objection.

18/00277/FUL Mr J Thomson. 7 Venlaw Court replacement windows.
No objection.

18/00293/LBC Mr David Kilshaw. Salon 5 Northgate. Installation of illuminated signage.

February 2019

19/00097/FUL and 19/00100/LBC Eastgate Theatre. Alterations to existing glazed entrance screen. 
No objection.

19/00152/FUL  44a Rosetta Road. Alterations and dormer extension to flat. No objection

19/00173/FUL 1 Northgate Vennel.  External alterations to dewellinghouse. No objection
19/00192/CON and 19/00193/FUL Benrig.1 Cuddyside.  Demolition of dwellinghouse and erection of two dwellinghouses. No objection.

19/00182/PPP Kings Meadows House, Kings Meadows Road.  Erection of residential apartments.  Previous application 15/00822/PPP. I have responded:  We fully support the application and we hope it goes ahead. The proposers and their architects are to be commended for the design.

January 2019

18/01786/FUL  Maryfield House, Frankscroft. Installation of solar panel to garage roof. No objection.

19/00073/FUL  Flat B Damdale Mews, Damdale. Replacement windows. No objection. 
We recommend that the colour of the replacement windows matches the dark brown of the neighbouring windows.

18/00731/FUL   Gowanlea. Venlaw Road.  Erection of trellis fence and gateway arch.  No objection.

18/00836/ADV   Service Station. Illuminated – non illuminated signs.  No comment.

18/00816/LBC and 18/00815/FUL    Courthouse Business Centre.  High Street. Upper Ground Floor. Alterations to same wall finishes (caused by dry rot).  No objection.

18/00854/FUL 9 Crossland Crescent.  Alterations and extension to dwellinghouse.   No objection.